Canadian Punjab Times, founded in March 2007, has over 9 years of publishing history in British Columbia. As a popular newspaper among B.C .South Asians . The Newspaper provides current news, events, and important community information with the facts and issues that affect the global South Asian community.

Circulation & Readership :
Circulation of each print  edition is 7000.
Readership of each edition is 40 ,000 approximately.  (online and Print Edition)

National & International News
This is Canada’s definitive national and International news section in the Canadian Punjab Times. Our readers trust our reputation that has been built over the 10  years of providing in-depth and balanced coverage of national and international news.

South Asian News
News section in which South Asian community news or news from the Indian subcontinent are positioned. This section is very relevant to the newspaper’s target market of BC South Asians. This will allow the South Asian readers to be updated of current South Asian matters.

Kids  Section  :
Unique section of the Canadian Punjab times that offers young children aged 5 to 12 to learn about the world. It includes features on children, animals, life at school, and issues of particular interests to children. This section is not only for the children, but also for adult readers to learn more about the current generation.

Health Section
This section explores the personal side of everyone life, which would include health and fitness, food, relationships, entertaining arts information, fashion, and beauty.

Real  Estate
The real estate section features listed properties from across the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley. This section will consist of material from design trends to renovation tips. Our editors will go beyond the basics of buying and selling property to even property valuations and the lowdown on hot neighbourhood.

Why advertise in The Canadian Punjab Times?
The target market for The Canadian Punjab Times is the B.C. South Asian community.  The South Asian community is the fastest growing ethnic community in Canada, with more than 1.373 million South Asians live in Canada and about 25% of Canada’s South Asians live in the Greater Vancouver /Fraser Valley  area which is our main focus.

The Canadian Punjab Times is currently a growing newspaper, looking to grow the 7000 copies of circulation of each edition and increase activity on the online newspaper. Only Our  South Asian Newspaper have minimum 60 percent readable material .It is confirmed that there has been a constant growth in demand of the newspaper over the last few years.

Top benefits of advertising in the Canadian Punjab Times

Free advertisement on the online Canadian Punjab Times newspaper.
With the purchase of advertisement space on the physical Canadian Punjab Times, your advertisement will be placed on the online newspaper website as well. This will increase traffic for your advertisement, giving you a better return on your investment.

Affordability of advertising in the Canadian Punjab Times

Newspaper advertising cost less per thousand readers than TV, direct mail, and radio advertising.  Compared to other newspapers, The Canadian Punjab Times, has very affordable costs and are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. We guarantee more value for the dollar with advertisements in The Canadian Punjab Times.

Reach of The Canadian Punjab Times

The readership of each edition is approximately over 40,000 readers, with confirmation of growth. Research indicates that half to three-quarters of direct mail goes straight to the trash, unopened and unread, however newspaper ads and circulars are sought out by the consumer.  Also with the online newspaper, there will be consumers outside of the target market of British Columbian South Asians, allowing your ad to be accessed globally.

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